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  • A special story to help to find a new home for an inexpensive youngtimer
  • Swiss car, owned since 1993 in the same town with the original documents
  • A runner-up model of the European Car of the Year award in 1982
  • The first generation of the hatchback, CC = Combi Coupe
  • Winter set of wheels + another set of wheels + many more spare parts included in the sale
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with transport, storage and Trusted Checkout payment

This is for us a special auction and we have to explain, why is the car in a No Reserve and No Premium auction and what is the special story behind this car.

In time we had only the first auction behind us, we got a call. An older man told us he heard that we are going to sell some old cars and he owns one. When we heard, it is an Opel Ascona from 1984, we wanted to tell him, that we start now with more special cars and we will maybe add such a car later into our regular auctions starting in autumn. But he continued. He said, he owns the Ascona since the 90’s and he is already retired in his 70’s and his son does not want to have the car, that he thinks it has no value at all. But the owner said he likes the car, but he absolutely does not know, what and if it has some value and how he could sell it. That he would only be glad, if he got a couple of thousands of euro for him, it would help him in his retirement years and if someone would get a cheap first time youngtimer to drive it, it would make him happy, when his son doesn’t want the car. Or if maybe someone uses the spare parts, it would at least help him to have some more space in his storage place.

We have thought about it, the car is not really that special, although his the long history in the small town in the Czech mountains and it was well cared for. For example the seats are like new, because they have been all the life covered in a coat.

And we decided that we would like to help this older man from a village in the mountains to sell his car and find a new home for it. We decided to take care of the sale personally, to drive over there with our professional photographer to take nice pictures of his car, at least he will have a nice memory on his car in these picture. And we will sell the car not only in a no reserve auction, but we don’t want to be paid from this sale, neither from the seller and even not from the buyer if it helps to achieve a better price for the old man in his retirement.

When we tried to find the small manufacture of the old man in the mountains after a two hour drive from Prague, we finally understood, why he did not know anything about the value or how to sell the car. The manufacture was not even listed on Google, so we could not find the address or the route, we have to check the signs on the roadside in the village to find the place. But the place was really lovely, a place at the end of the world, where money is not the meaning for value and the man really nice, we had a great time and we hope we will find a great new home for his car.

It is the first generation of hatchback for the Ascona model, the two previous generations did not offer this option. The C model was a very successful model in its time and became the runner-up in the European Car of the Year award in 1982.

This example has the stronger engine, the 1,6 liter version with 75 hp, so the second strongest version after the 1,8 liter version. And we the weight of only 980 kilograms, this car can be an inexpensive first time youngtimer for someone, who wants to drive at classic cars events.

The sale includes also two spare sets of wheels, set of winter tires, spare silentblocks, half-axis, suspensions and another 17 full boxes of other Opel Ascona spare parts that the owner collected during the almost 30 years of ownership.

Will we find together a new home for this car and all the spare parts?




Production date1984
Body TypeHatchback
Engine1.598 ccm, I4
SteeringLeft Hand Drive
LayoutFront Wheel Drive
Color - exteriorWeißgold
Color - interiorMokkabraun
Miles/Kilometers shown19298 kms shown
Chassis / VINWOL0000089C1075103
Location - CountryCzech Rep.
Location - CityRokytnice nad Jizerou


Body type: Hatchback, 5 Doors, 5 Seats, Max. speed: 160 km/h, Power: 75 hp, 123 Nm, Engine size: 1.6 l, 1.598 cm3, Cylinders: 4, Inline, Long: 4366 mm, Wide: 1668 mm, Curb weight: 980 kg, Trunk (boot): 510 l

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